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Akodon cursor (Rodentia: Cricetidae)

Lena Geise
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1644/893.1 33-43 First published online: 15 June 2012


Akodon cursor (Winge, 1887) is a Sigmodontinae rodent commonly called the cursorial akodont. This small cursorial mouse has homogenous dorsal pelage that can range from dark to golden brown and it is 1 of 41 species in the genus Akodon. It is endemic to Brazil, South America, and is found in the Atlantic Forest, being the most abundant sigmodontine rodent of this large area. Deforestation within the range of A. cursor may not affect this species, because it is tolerant of human disturbance. Currently the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources regards it as a species of “Least Concern.”

Key words
  • Atlantic Forest
  • Brazil
  • cursorial mammal
  • rodent
  • sigmodontine
  • South America